Friday, April 21, 2006

Greek Accents in Eight Lessons

Tangential to TC, but still interesting, here is some information gratefully received from Jim Aitken (can anyone identify the ms of Rom. 14:22 ff. on the front cover?).

Greek Accents in Eight Lessons

Dr John A.L. Lee
Published by the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre, Macquarie University.

Greek Accents in Eight Lessons (2005) is specially designed to teach the basics of ancient Greek accentuation to those who have learnt some Greek but are not sure of their accents. This small book (30 + vi pages) takes the user through the essentials in eight easy lessons, with exercises – answers are provided. John Lee is a graduate of Sydney (BA 1966) and Cambridge (PhD 1970). He taught ancient Greek at the University of Sydney for nearly thirty years before his retirement in 2001.


  1. I can also highly recommend Lee's History of New Testament Lexicography (Peter Lang): a must not only for fellow ETC nerds, but something I think every NT PhD student should read.

  2. Pity not to have nine lessons (and carols)

  3. A link to a location where one could purchase the book would be nice ... usual suspects (Amazon, AbeBooks) offer no listings.

    Along with sjgathers above, I can highly recommend Lee's work on lexicography.


    Rick Brannan

  4. Lee is very good - his work on LXX lexicography is still the standard that the rest of us are not attaining (there is a sad footnote in one of his recent articles where he laments that no-one has followed through with this work).

    Why are there no proper dictionaries of koine Greek? I have wondered that for years.


  5. Here is a contact for purchase info from the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre newsletter:

    NEW PUBLICATION. Dr John Lee has just published Greek Accents in Eight Lessions, a must for those learning Greek. Available from the AHDRC for $15.00. Ph. 9850 7512 or email

    The $ are Austrailian I think.

  6. Is it MS 700?

  7. To answer some of the questions:

    It is much shorter than Carson's, and aimed at a very simple explanation (without scholarly dimunition!). Carson also has a number of slips in his accents in the book.

    The price is 15 Aus dollars as Chris B. mentions, and this includes international postage (but then you need to send the Aus dollars). For those in the UK I have a bulk order arriving this week which reduces cost - orders from me: jka12 at Cam dot ac dot uk