Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome Mike Holmes

We're glad that Mike Holmes has joined our team of bloggers. Mike is Professor of Biblical Studies and Early Christianity at Bethel University. Don't forget to look at the fish when you see his homepage. It rather reminds me of Gospel of Thomas Saying 8. He has produced a number of editions of the Apostolic Fathers (e.g. this one), written the NIV Application Commentary on 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and co-edited with Bart Ehrman the classic volume The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research: Essays on the Status Quaestionis (Grand Rapids, 1995). Note also his The Text of the Fourth Gospel in the Writings of Origen (Atlanta, 1992), which he co-authored with Bart Ehrman and Gordon Fee.


  1. "All fisherman are liars"

    I believe this refers to the saying "But you should have seen the one that got away!"

    Obviously, the REALLY big fish always do get away. Even the 'largest fish ever caught' record holder was only able to prove it because he went fishing with gear intended for a one ton fish. Fortunately for him, it wasn't first chomped on by one that weighed two or three tons.

  2. "We're glad that Mike Holmes ..."

    Thats good. M.Holmes is a serious TC scholar.


  3. This is great news. I use Holmes' diglot edition of the Apostolic Fathers regularly, and thank him for his work on it. I also attended a symposium on TC in Baltimore about a year ago featuring him and Maurice Robinson that was very good. One thing that stood out in some of the interaction there was that, on the one hand, both scholars tried to approach TC as though its methods can be properly conceived and followed regardless of one's theology, while on the other hand both were equally interested in addressing the theological questions that are aroused by the phenomena of textual variants. I'm sure this blog will benefit from his participation.