Thursday, February 02, 2006

Competition: earliest ms without ν εφελκυστικον

Here's the competition: who can name the earliest Greek New Testament manuscript to have instances where the moveable nu (ν εφελκυστικον) is not present? What passages are involved?

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  1. A cursory examination of Comfort and Barrett (assuming the reliability of their transcription) shows one possible winning candidate to be p98 (2nd century).

    In Rev 1:17 that MS reads KAI EQHKE THN (but with dots placed under -KE THN and the next word DEXIAN existing only in restoration).

    Not necessarily unambiguous, but at least a potential candidate.

    For the record, Hoskier in loc. shows among the uncials 046 without the final Nu, and Aleph A C P with a final Nu; these all reading either EQHKE/EQHKEN or EPEQHKE/EPEQHKEN.