Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sahidic NT online

Click here for an interesting attempt to provide a Sahidic New Testament online free.


  1. Go here first and download the font to be able to read the text.

    N.B. that you can also download the entire text in a zip file. I have cut and pasted from the unzipped file into word and then reformated the the font "Coptic" to make it look nice.

    I am ordering the CD from St. Shenouda the Archimandrate Society mentioned on the site which is a deal at 50$ for the Bohairic and Sahidic NT plus much more.

  2. From the website:

    "As stated above, the PHI text took the first step. The goal of the Sahidica text takes the next step. However, as is the case with the PHI text, the goal in producing the Sahidica text does not include making it a critical Sahidic text. The goal is not that lofty....

    "It should be clear that the Sahidica text is intended primarily for use by at students and instructors, and to a much lesser degree as a reference tool for translators and textual critics. Part of the goal is to make the Sahidica text freely available and easily accessible in electronic formats. This includes plain text and a electronic "print" version with parallel Sahidic and Greek[28] texts, which uses a single standard font in order to facilitate comparison of the two versions."

    Jim Leonard