Saturday, February 04, 2006

Greek NT audios

The entire Greek NT in audio file is to be found here: female voice, modern scholarly pronunciation, slow, not stumbling, but not sounding 'native'.

Most of the Greek NT is available here in a fluent male voice, using Modern Greek pronunciation, sounding native (to my ears).

Are there other Greek NT audios available?


  1. For those who read Homer here the Iliad book 1:

    Stanley Lombardo reads Homer's The Iliad, Book I

  2. A number of years ago Randall Buth mailed me a CD sample of his reading the GNT using his own restored authentic first century Koine pronunciation along with a brief explanation of his reasoning behind the phonetic rendering. I don't know the current status of the project but he would certainly be willing to talk about it and the b-greek archives would contain numerous discussions about it.

  3. Thanks, these are both helpful. Interesting that both are reading the W&H text.