Monday, December 20, 2021

CSNTM at Houston Baptist University

A couple weeks ago I was in Houston with a few others from CSNTM. We have some brand new equipment that we were using at the Dunham Bible Museum at Houston Baptist University. The museum's director, Dr. Diana Severance, graciously allowed us to come photograph some of the early printed editions of the Greek New Testament in their collection.

One interesting edition that caught my attention is a 1658 Elzevir edition edited by Étienne de Courcelles in which the Comma Johanneum was placed in brackets, indicating doubts to its authenticity. Here is a photo of that page—thankfully the images we took with our digitization equipment are of much better quality. Keep an eye out for images at CSNTM in the coming weeks.
1658 Elzevir text, edited by Étienne de Courcelles

Darlow and Moule's description of this edition is as follows:


  1. Good find, Elijah. Unfortunately, some may consider this TR edition as too "mature," because it postdates most translations made of the TR into, "the modern languages of Europe."¹

    ...some also may not consider Courcelles as "Protestant" enough to be recognized as a legitimate editor of any "classic, mature, Protestant" edition of the TR. In short: we're all wasting our time as long as there's a corner left for such individuals to paint themselves into.

    ¹Riddle writes: "The Elzevir editions should also be consulted, but with the understanding that they appeared after most of the translations of the TR had first been made into the modern languages of Europe."

  2. Thank you, Elijah, for paying attention to De Courcelles's masterpiece. A curiosity is the German NT of Jeremias Felbinger of 1660. The edition contains the marginal textcritical of De Courcelles.