Thursday, December 10, 2020

The CBGM of Acts for Download


Greg Paulson of the INTF in Münster has notified me that the CBGM for Acts can now be downloaded here

Greg has also made a tutorial how to install it and a brief introduction to how the CBGM works (very nice red circle in the image, just like the ones I use in my powerpoints, but no speech bubbles though).
In this connection, I would also like to mention Joey McCollum's crash course on the CBGM here and his own “Open CBGM” resource page here
Finally, my and Peter Gurry’s fuller introduction to the CBGM is now available with a 30% discount (code AM2020 at checkout, good to 31 Dec), in paperback ($15.40) or hardback ($25.90).


  1. I guess I’ll stick my neck out here and confess to the whole ETC world that I can't get it to work. I can't get past step 2--creating a new directory and changing into it. When I go to Terminal, and follow the instructions, at step two I get the following message: “the system cannot find the path specified.” I've verified the path and checked the spelling etc. It can find the “Documents” folder, but it can’t find the folder I made IN Documents??

  2. I have the same problem with the same message: “the system cannot find the path specified.” Thanks for any help.

  3. Thanks for trying out the software. I don't know why exactly you're getting that error message, but if the folder you named has any spaces or slashes it may not work. I'm happy to help if you want to contact me directly: paulson at

    1. Thank you very much Greg I will contact youASAP. Mariano Troiano