Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Press of the Text: Festschrift for James W. Voelz

Back in May a Festschrift was published in honor of James Voelz who has worked across many topics in his career including Mark’s Gospel, Greek grammar, and occasionally matters of text-critical interest. Sometimes the three came together as in his NovT essay “The Greek of Codex Vaticanus in the Second Gospel and Marcan Greek,” which I remember reading with interest in seminary.

I haven’t seen the book in person, but thought I would let our readers know about it. You can see the table of contents below with articles on TC by Elliott and Kloha that will be of interest.


  1. Elliott (p.81) describes the current situation in Münster as "... a committee of editors meeting in solemn conclave to produce a running line of text ..."

    Why is it that I think I see Dan Brown alrerady planning his next book?

  2. Congratulations to you, Jim. Well-deserved honor indeed!

  3. That pic was taken in my house! Thanks for honoring Jim and for commending this to the community.