Tuesday, May 02, 2017

St Catherine’s Monastery Manuscripts: Photographs online

Just a quick post to alert you to the fact that the Library of Congress has put its collection of photographs of manuscripts from St. Catherine’s Monastery online. For example, here you will find 1,081 Greek manuscripts (!). Heavenly.

(HT: Alin Suciu on FB)

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  1. As per CSN, "It's been a long time coming" -- but wonderful to get these microfilms from the original K.W.Clark and E. W. Saunders expeditions of the late 1940s and early 1950s finally available online.

    Now if the same can be done for the remainder of the Clark/Saunders expedition photographs of MSS from Jerusalem and Athos, life for researchers and collators will be very good indeed.

    For more details on these expeditions, see John W. Sharpe III, "A checklist of collections of biblical and related manuscripts on microfilm in the United States and Canada," Scriptorium 25:1 (1971) 97-109, particularly pages 97-98, available online at: