Thursday, March 05, 2015

Vatican Library: Online Images (NT Greek)

I don’t think that it will be possible to post regular up-dates for online images of the Vatican Library. They are aiming to get all 80,000 manuscripts photographed and on-line (1690 so far). Among those 80,000 are around 346 NT Greek manuscripts (the number of results in the online Liste), and (I presume) extensive holdings in LXX manuscripts and other ancient languages. But as a first installment, and a reminder that it may well be worth checking whether a particular manuscript has appeared on-line (if you want a particular manuscript to appear on line you should request it), the general page you want to start at is here.

Several of these include text and commentary (illustrating some of the major types discussed recently by Dan Wallace here).

So far the following are online:

NT 150 (Vatican, Pal. Gr. 189) [11th cent. Gospels] (Mark 1.1 again)

NT 151 (Vatican, Pal. Gr. 220) [10th cent. Gospels with Commentary] (nice style)

NT 388 (Vatican, Ottob. Gr. 212) [13th cent. Gospels] (John 1)

NT 850 (Vatican, Barb. Gr. 504) [12th cent.; John 1-10 with Commentary] (guess where)

NT 1843 (Vatican, Vat. Gr. 1208) [13th cent. Acts, CE, Paul] (James)

NT 1946  (Vatican, Ottob. Gr.31) [11th cent. Paul (lacking Romans) with Commentary] (neat!)

NT 1957 (Vatican, Vat. Gr. 1209) [15th cent.; end of Heb & Rev. [i.e. end of B]] (umlauts!)

NT 2032 (Vatican, Vat.Gr. 1904, II) [11th cent; portions of Rev with Commentary] (scrappy)

NT 2195 (Vatican, Ross. 135-138) [11th cent Gospels] (never forget the Great Commission)

 NT  l 130  (Vatican, Ottob. Gr. 2) [10th cent.; Uncial] (cool hand John)


  1. I wonder if they shoot them in IR and UV to see if they are palimpsests or if they will go over them again in 50 years. o_o

  2. I don't suppose we expect current technology to still be useful in 50 years - unlike the old manuscript technology.

  3. 850 is a very interesting ms, with excellent Alexandrian text!
    Needs a study!
    It has not been checked by T&T.
    849 seems to be a partial copy of it (on paper).