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Leiden Summer School in Papyrology and Greek Papyri

This summer, courses of Papyrology will be offered as part of the Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics, which will be held from 13 - 24 July 2015 at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. 
The Papyrology Programme consists of two courses: 'Introduction to Papyrology (1200 BCE - 1000 CE)' and 'Reading Greek Papyri’.
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Reading Greek Papyri

Ciska Hoogendijk (Leiden) and Arthur Verhoogt (Ann Arbor)

Course description
The aim of this course is to give students a working knowledge of ancient Greek handwriting on papyrus and some insight into the editorial practice of papyrology. The two slots form one single course and cannot be chosen separately. In slot 1, students will get acquainted with the various writing styles and periods from the fourth century BCE to the eighth century CE. Special attention will be given to the physical aspect of papyri (margins, sheet joins, etc.) and the distinguishing characteristics of handwriting in the various writing styles (literary and documentary) and periods. In the 2nd slot, students will bring their knowledge into practice, during which they will get the opportunity to study one or more original papyri from the papyrus collection of the Leiden Papyrological Institute.

Level : Knowledge of ancient Greek is required.

Requirements : There will be short daily homework assignments, and, for additional ECTS points, a take-home final exam in the form of the ‘edition’ of a papyrus.

Texts : No textbook is required; course documents will be sent to the students two weeks before the Summer School to print out, or provided in class.

Introductory reading:
G. Cavallo, ‘Greek and Latin Writing in the Papyri’ in: R.S. Bagnall (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology (Oxford 2009), pp. 101- 148
F.A.J. Hoogendijk, ‘Palaeography’ in: Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics, Volume 3: P-Z, Index (Leiden-Boston 2014)(also online)
E.G. Turner, Greek Manuscripts of the Ancient World, Second Edition Revised and Enlarged, Edited by P.J. Parsons (BICS 46, London 1987), Introduction, pp. 1-23

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