Thursday, September 12, 2013

P32 as a Multi-text Codex

In the most recent New Testament Studies:

Emily Gathergood, 'Papyrus 32 (Titus) as a Multi-text Codex: A New Reconstruction' New
Testament Studies
59 (2013), 588-606.

 Following the recent emphasis on studying early Christian manuscripts as historical artefacts, whose text and meta-textual aspects comprise important embodiments of reception and interpretation, this article re-examines the early Titus fragment P32 (P.Ryl. Gr. 1.5) with respect to its physical situation within the manuscript. I expand the scope of current reconstructions to consider in detail the lost beginning of the epistle, and argue that Titus was not the first document in the codex: at least one other preceded. Although the identity of the accompanying material cannot be deduced codicologically, patristic evidence suggests that Titus was normally transmitted in a collection of thirteen or fourteen Pauline epistles when the P32 codex was produced, rendering these the prime candidates.

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