Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Images Online from BL manuscripts

On the 3rd of September the British Library announced eleven new manuscripts had been digitised and the images placed on-line.

These include six Greek Gospel manuscripts:
Burney MS 19 (G-A 481; 10th Cent.)
Burney MS 20 (G-A 482, AD 1285)
Additional MS 26103 (G-A 697, 13th Cent.)
Additional MS 35030 (G-A 2099, 13th Cent.)
Additional MS 37002 (G-A 2278, AD 1314-1315)
Additional MS 39591 (G-A 548, 11th Cent.)
One lectionary (cruciform): Additional MS 39603 (formerly Parham MS 21) (G-A L233, 12th Cent.)

A Greek psalter Additional MS 28819 (Rhalfs 1656, 16th Cent.)

For more details on the manuscripts see the CSPMT blog here.

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