Friday, September 05, 2008

Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Catalogue On-line

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is putting the catalogues of its holdings in medieval manuscripts on-line here. This is a great idea, since they contain loads of information about each manuscript (although not images).

This can be consulted for the following NT manuscripts (they hold 28 NT mss in all according to the Liste and some LXX pieces according to the Rahlfs-Fraenkel, Verzeichnis so there should be more to follow at some point):

2038 (BSB Gr. 23, fol. 333-415)
1930 (BSB Gr. 35)
423 (BSB Gr. 36 [Matt] and 37 [John])
1909abs (BSB Gr. 110)

The links will take you to the first page of each of these entries in the catalogue. These are all late (i.e. XV or XVI) commentary manuscripts so it is very helpful to be able to access the information about them in this form, e.g. which church fathers are quoted; which folios correspond to which chapters of the text etc.
Incidentally I gather that the use of abs in the Liste will be phased out in future and manuscripts such as 1909abs (a direct copy - Abschrift - of another known manuscript, i.e. 1909) will be given their own Gregory-Aland number.

Bibliographical details:
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Hajdú, Kerstin: Katalog der griechischen Handschriften der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München. Bd. 3. Codices graeci Monacenses 110 - 180. Neu beschrieben von Kerstin Hajdú. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2003. - (Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum Bibliothecae Monacensis; T. 2, Ps. 3)


  1. Wow, glory to the geeks.

  2. Actually, there are images in the catalogues: they have digitized some of the plates at the back and added supplementary pictures at the bottom. You will find images of BSB 23 and BSB 36 if you scroll down to the bottom of the title page of the catalogue at:

    Can anyone detect a sequence behind the order in which these supplementary plates appear?

    Furthermore, it's worth pointing out that Munich is doing a mass digitization of microfilms of its manuscript holdings. The Greek mss can be found here (no biblical ones yet):

    However, the Latin project is far more advanced, and there are complete images of the Old Latin Codex Monacensis here:

    Plenty to keep the Virtual Manuscript Room busy in providing links to sites like these!

    Best wishes,