Monday, September 08, 2008

A Burglary at Örebro Theological Seminary

Tonight there was unfortunately another burglary at our seminary. We have had much problems with this during recent years. The burglars stole some computers including mine (although not my "research" Macintosh which I never leave at the office). They did leave some blood traces on my Brill tote bag from the SNTS, and a footprint on the first page of an article on textual criticism; I let the investigating police keep this external evidence.


  1. Lord, please keep this seminary safe from burglaries and protect it in Jesus name. Please also see it grow and bless the students which come through its doors, as well as faculty.

  2. See it positive:
    You can buy a new computer!

    Similar things happen here in Bremen, too. The thieves are either drug addicted who are looking for fast money or animal rights activists. The latter are more annoying, because they are painting their slogans all over the walls.

    Task of the day:
    Make a back-up copy!

  3. Sorry to here this Tommy.
    At least we can be sure that the burglars were not textual critics (else the article would have been opened, or perhaps stolen to read later, not trodden on).

  4. Bro.Chris,
    Got here by googling your name!! sorry to hear of your loss...I keep ALL my stuff in my pocket..literally..its a 250GB pocket hard drive...Iomega Silver series...USB powered..real small to fit in a purse/shirt pocket..(no..I dont have a purse!)...$95 at Amazon, free shipping.