Monday, June 16, 2008

Your Favourite Dates in TC

I just notice that in exactly a week's time (23.6.2008) it will be 301 years ago that John Mill died, which also fell on a Monday. This Principal of Edmund Hall, Oxford, had just lived to see his Novum Testamentum. Cum lectionibus variantibus complete in print a couple of weeks before.

Which leads to the natural question, What are your favourite dates in Textual Scholarship? [Birthdays of spouses, submission of dissertations, first job, and comparable trivia are not permitted]


  1. Does canon criticism count?
    13 Dec 1545: Commencement of the Council of Trent. The time (some scholars would have us believe) Christians got together to "create" the current RC canon.

  2. This Friday:
    birthday of Bernhard Weiss

    June 20th 1827