Sunday, July 22, 2007

SBL International Meeting in Vienna

I have just arrived in Vienna for the SBL International Meeting. On this, the first day, there was the opening session by Kent H. Richards of the SBL and then James Alfred Loader of the University of Vienna held a lecture entitled When Poverty Undermines Thinking: An Aspect of Biblical Reflection. The first 20 minutes were a bit boring, then it got better and better. However, I still look forward to the sessions later this week including those in Working With Biblical Manuscripts, in which I am presenting myself. Perhaps I will have time to do some blogging. Anyway, I got to meet co-blogger Martin Heide today, which was very nice. Martin will present his first paper tomorrow morning. He has been working with some Hebrew ostraca from the collection of Shlomo Moussaieff, who is in fact here in person. I will attend that session which include speakers as André Lemaire, W.G. Lambert, Richard Hess and Meir Lubetski.

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  1. Tommy,

    I do hope that you and Martin will find time to pass on what transpires there.