Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Genesis Text from the Judaean Desert

For news from IOSOT on James Charlesworth's announcement of a new fragment of Genesis 32.3-7 see Chris Brady and here (which has an image).


  1. NB: The picture at Lombatti's site is NOT of the Genesis fragment shown by Charlesworth.

  2. Well I didn't say it had the correct image (squirming here); just that it had 'an image'.
    But this does explain why it doesn't fit in Gen 32!

  3. Hi all, it's just a random manuscript fragment photo that I've added to the text. I didn't write it was the Genesis one. Well, I explained it in Italian, but it wasn't probably clear enough. I'm posting a summary of all the papers presented at the XIX IOQS meeting later this evening.

    Ciao from Italy,
    Antonio Lombatti

  4. Any interesting variant readings in this new manuscript we should be aware of in comparison to MT, LXX, Samaritan?

  5. Timo - of the little that was visible, it all matches MT. But there really were very few words visible. (I didn't think to count them...)

  6. Ok, thanks cb. It's nice to know even that.