Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keith Elliott on 'Recent Trends'

J.K. Elliott, 'Recent Trends in the Textual Criticism of the New Testament: A New Millennium, a New Beginning?' BABELAO 1 (2012), p. 117-136 available here.

Jolly good fun throughout. But I especially liked the bit about us!
Websites accompany this new kindling of interest among younger scholars who have encouraged this electronic medium for intercourse on textual criticism, irritatingly matey though such a form of scholarly contact may be to some of the more “mature members” of the Academy. Nonetheless, a site such as which, despite its off-putting and bizarre name, is in effect a valuable source of information about current activity in New Testament textual criticism, attracting as it does a regular number of generally predictable contributors who seem to keep their collective ears to the ground. This instant forum attracts a clutch of coherent, active and aspiring new voices alongside seasoned practitioners and is symptomatic of the revived interest in manuscripts, editions, methodology and variants stimulated by the instant, interactive and flourishing nature of today’s research. Flippant and colloquial though some of the electronic communications be, nonetheless some serious reports of news and developments and often of work in progress are to be regularly seen there.


Nick Norelli said...

Perhaps he finds the name so "off-putting and bizarre" because he's got the wrong URL. Anyone can see the intrinsic beauty in while "" is very obviously "off-putting and bizarre."

Peter Malik said...

good read! The next paragraph, by the way, begins 'Outside the chatty sites, scholarly web pages include...'

P.J. Williams said...

Hilarious. Thanks, Keith. It's good to know that you're a reader!

Nathan Smith said...

To paraphrase, the blog title is off-putting to the Jews and bizarre to the Greeks. ;-)

The White Man said...

I looked up the website he mentioned, and did find it rather off-putting:

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