Monday, September 07, 2009

New TC Resources List at NT Gateway

Over at NT Gateway is a new resources page listing TC books an articles. Only two items up so far, but I'm sure it will grow.


  1. Thanks for mentioning, Mike. Already tons more, thanks to Holger Szesnat.

  2. Thanks for this, Mark, but please be careful not to populate your site with too much old stuff. So far, most of your articles we have all read years ago.

    It is ok to not have much on your site right now. Put the new stuff out; we've probably all read the old stuff you've put out there now.

    Just a suggestion.

  3. Thanks, Anon. Holger has been making these excellent additions. I realize that many will have read these already, but the site is also to an extent an archive of links to useful older materials that many will not have read yet. We'll make sure we are careful in watching how it grows, though, and will bear your comments in mind.

  4. Mark,

    Double-check the link to Kelhoffer's essay on Ad Marinum. I'm pretty sure that online access to that essay has been withdrawn.

    Also, I invite you to check out the files and and links at the TC-Alternate Yahoo! discussion-group. I suspect that some of them will fit your list.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

  5. Thanks, James. We've currently got the Kelhoffer piece linked to the version of the article. We'll have a look at the TC links you mention in due course -- thanks.

  6. Dr. Goodacre:

    Perhaps even now as you are building your list of sources, you could put all articles written X years ago in an Archives section.

    If you come across an article written, for example, in 1993, I recommend that this article go directly to your Archives. That way, serious TC readers can concentrate on newer material without having to week through a lot of old stuff. Finally, be sure to put the DATE -- as plain as Dallas -- on EVERY article.

    Thanks for building this page on your site.

  7. Thanks, Anon. If you spot an article with no date, let us know. I understand your point about newer materials, but I think it is important to have classics and older pieces in the list too. To break up the list up and relegate some to an "archives" area would not be helpful, I don't think. Bear in mind that we are only linking to materials, not providing the materials ourselves.