Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Call for Papers, International SBL in Tartu, Estonia 2010

The call for papers for the SBL International Meeting in Tartu, Estonia 2010 begins today 15 September and will end on 31 January. I am pleased to announce that Jan Krans, Vrije University, Amsterdam is my new co-chair for this program unit.

Call For Papers: Papers concentrating on any aspect of textual criticism are welcome, in particular the practical work with manuscripts. Examples of topics: papyrological insights, scribal habits, preservation techniques, technical developments, computer assisted tools, producing critical editions, evaluating the evidence of fathers or versions, discussion of particular passages, social historical studies, new projects, systematic-theological problems, teaching text-criticism in an academic setting, etc.

A video presentation of Tartu is available from SBL here.
Further details on the conference here.


  1. For those in high level academia, please be aware that there is no material out there for High School level students. This is important because we need to "sell" kids on the benefits of studying TC at a very early age. Not enough TC people are entering the field. Why? Most don't know what it is. Write articles for an 8th grader readership. You can still cover all the difficult subjects, but you will have to do so using much simpler language. (A change to test your genius)

    The TC scholars need to write articles that High School students can follow; there really is no benefit to using specialized jargon when writing an article; it only keeps the few scholars already in TC... in TC. TC writers need to feel no constraint to demonstrate how smart they are. The idea is to get as many (young) people involved in TC as possible. Christianity can always use a lot of TC scholars; the more the merrier.

    Hope that is not out of line for this blog.

  2. There's no way I am going to fly to Estonia. Can I submit a paper with the provision that, if it is accepted, someone else can read it, perhaps accompanied by a video?

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.