Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eisenbrauns 10-Day Sale (40% Discount)

We are in the middle of a 10-Day Sale at Eisenbrauns, June 18-28, offering 40% off selected volumes in the Coniectanea Biblica Old/New Testament Series (CBOTS/CBNTS).

My monograph, The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Transmission is among the discounted books. You find it here with description and extracts from several reviews.


The White Man said...

Is PJ Williams trying to write wit a Swedish eye dialect in his review, or are tese just typos on te Eisenbrauns site?

"Te author has examined and collated the[sic] text of Jude in 560 diferent manuscripts, that[sic] is, in virtually all the[sic] continuous-text manuscripts of the[sic] epistle. Tus a work has been done that[sic] has considerably advanced our knowledge of the[sic] text of the[sic] New testament and will not need to be repeated. such full collations previously had existed only for the[sic] Apocalypse."—: P.J. Williams, Tyndale House in Themelios[sic], 33: 1"

jonathancborland said...

Obviously the 'H' key on Dr. Williams' keyboard needs some inspection.

P.J. Williams said...

For the full review, without the new Swedish typos, see here.

Kevin Brown said...

Wow, now I can finally get a copy! I have wanted to buy this book for a very long time, and now I can since its $30 cheaper!

Thanks :)