Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Updates of the ETC-blog

As one of the "blogmeisters" of the ETC-blog, I must admit that I am not a fast learner when it comes to technical stuff relating to the layout and usability of the blog. However, now at last Peter Head and I have decided to add a "bloglist" in the sidebar. This is something different than a "blogroll" (this is my impression at least). Whereas a blogroll is a list with links to favourite blogs, a bloglist shows headings and snippets of texts from all those favourite blogs, whenever they are updated. In our planned bloglist soon to appear (hopefully), I have added a very wide variety of biblioblogs (all blogs listed at www.biblioblogs.com) and other blogs dealing with issues relating to manuscripts and textual criticism, so that all our readers can use our blog with more benefit, and perhaps even as their starting page with regular updates and links of common interest.

It took me half a day to figure out how this can be done. It is of course very easy thanks to built-in functions and integration between various tools, but it is not easy to figure it all out in practice, at least not for a text-critic. In any case, one necessary step is to update the blog template within Blogger (the host of this blog). This may cause the blog to look a bit differently in the course of work during the update of the lay-out. In other words, don't be surprised if the blog will look a bit different while I do this update. When this is ready I hope it will look nice, and I will be sure to do a back-up of the old template just in case.


  1. Thanks for adding this feature as well as your attention to this blog.

    Please note that the list at Biblioblogs.com is incomplete. For example, it does not list my own blog and omits blogs even among the featured bloggers.

  2. Thanks indeed. That's community spirit. On that same note, I just posted on the upcoming International SBL meeting in Rome, and linked to biblical bloggers who already appear on the program.

  3. Dear Stephen, thanks you very much. Of course I could have guessed that (there are many more and more to come), but that list is a good start. Now I have added your weblog too. Sorry that I didn't notice it was missing. I have followed your blog for years!

    Now, do you have suggestions of other blogs? I think you can see all the blogs included when you click "show all." There are now over 80 blogs. The interesting thing for readers of our blog will be that I will include blogs related to manuscript studies too. In the long run I think it may perhaps be necessary to delete some blogs on the edges (archeology in the Near East, etc), if the number of blogs keeps increasing...

    Other suggestions are very welcome! I am a total newcomer when it comes to this technical stuff.

  4. I think the red color ought to be reconsidered.

  5. Here are some that are not listed on Biblioblogs.com:


    (Apologies if you already have these.)

  6. Stephen, thanks, I had two of them, and I have added the rest.

    Peter, yes, this might be a good time to change the red color (although I tend to be a bit conservative about things like these). All suggestions are welcome! There will be some more changes.

  7. Tommy, did you look at my response to your previous post? if not, I was wondering if Fee was going to have a contribution in the new Text of the NT in Contemporary Research. Thanks for your response!
    P.S. In regard to the colour, I tend to be conservative as well - I'm used to it this way, yet it is not the best color for eyes especially when looking at somewhat larger portions of text.

  8. Peter, yes I saw your comment. I don't have that information I am afraid. I guess it is best if authors can choose for themselves to tell if they are contributing(or not).

    Thanks for the input on the color issue. I look forward to more suggestions.

  9. Stephen,

    Thanks for these, too!