Monday, January 16, 2006

A Test in Emendation

Tommy has brought to my attention a bibliographical item with the following description:

Worrel, William H. "Fayumic Fragments of the Epistles." Societe de la Archaeologie Copte 7.

The description comes from:

There are evidently quite a few problems with this bibliographical entry, including the author's name and mistakes in the French. I should be most grateful if someone would use text-critical devices or their own knowledge of the material to tell me what the publication details really should be, so that I can add it to my Coptic Bible Bibliography.


Jan Krans said...

Well, I can guess aided by our catalogue:
The author should be William Hoyt Worrell (1879-1952).
The title of the article may very well be correct.
The journal seems to be the _Bulletin de la Société d'Archéologie Copte_ 7 (1941).
Now you only have to find a library that has it in order to see whether this is correct. The University of Leiden has it.

P J Williams said...

Thanks v. much for your work. This journal hardly seems the most widely disseminated. Now all I need to do is remember this on my next visit to the British Library.