Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Interview with Elliott after 43 Years with the IGNTP


A few days ago, in conjunction with the recent meeting of the IGNTP Committtee, Professor J. Keith Elliott stepped down from active service after being on the committtee for 43 years (as editor, secretary and member). That is in fact a record hard to beat. If you look at the historical data on the IGNTP webpage, you can see that Eldon Epp was on the committee for 42 years, Gordon Kilpatrick (Elliott's Doktorvater) for 41 years, and Bruce Metzger and Thomas Pattie "only" for 38 years.

As the current secretary, I took the opportunity to interview Elliott. You will find the interview here. By the way, there is also a link back to our blog (to the post about how Kurt Aland got two votes on the UBS Committee). 

The picture here is of the file with papers that I inherited from Elliott, who served as secretary to the IGNTP Committtee 1987–2010 (I celebrate 10 years as secretary). It is packed with communication, editorial reports, treasurer's reports, and minutes. Nowadays there is a digital archive but we still keep hardcopies of the signed minutes.


  1. I propose renaming the annual SBL to "North American SBL jamborees" from now on.

  2. Dr W.,
    Thanks for the heads up on the interview. Well done!

  3. Thanks for this interview. Such a prolific scholar!

  4. Congratulations to Elliott on his tenure!

  5. Elliott's incisiveness is hard to beat, his criticism sharp and pervasive, and his praise, once bestowed, glorious indeed for those who receive it.