Wednesday, October 07, 2020

More Guest Lectures on TC


We’ve uploaded two more videos to our TCI YouTube channel from my ThM TC course. You can find all the guest lecture videos here (not all are recorded).

The first new video is from Joey McCollum on identifying textual clusters and is based on his recent AUSS article on the same topic. The second is by Clark Bates on the origin of Greek minuscule. Clark is soon headed off to Birmingham and we wish him and his family well, especially as they adjust to life with no sun and temps below 110°F. Thanks to both for sharing their research with us.

Joey McCollum

Clark Bates


  1. What is Bates talking about when he says that the Russians have "the other half" of Sinaiticus? A few sample parts, yes, but half??

  2. Haha even the thumbnails look recondite :-)

  3. Both videos were very informative and interesting. Well done!