Thursday, May 07, 2020

James Snapp discovers two more folios of 064!

Saint Catherine's Monastery - Wikipedia
St. Catherine’s Monastery,
where these new folios of 064 are.
In case you missed it a few days ago, James Snapp has discovered two previously unidentified folios of 064 at the Sinai Palimpsests Project website.

If you go over to see the images of 064 at the VMR, you’ll notice there are gaps from Matt. 26:70–27:13 and from Matt. 27:30 to 27:44. These two gaps correspond exactly to the text on two folios Snapp identified from Sinai, Syriac 7.

Also incredibly helpful is the pseudo-facsimile transcription James made, which even mark differences from the Robinson-Pierpont text.

Well done, James, and congrats on the find! See the whole post here, and the initial announcement here.


Final note: this discovery follows Head’s Rule.


  1. Very helpful... good work, James!

  2. Does this mean that JS is now "in the guild"?

    1. Good scholarship and detective work is recognizable by anyone. And this is great scholarship.

    2. You mean the same James Snapp that was kicked off of the New Testament Textual Criticism Facebook group without warning because he favors a text that is more Byzantine in nature?

    3. No, he was only kicked off because he came too close to finding out the truth about Sinaiticus....

  3. Only if he can prove the secret decoder ring he used on the 064 leaves was his and not borrowed from Captain Marvel.

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