Tuesday, August 04, 2015

“Brill MyBook”: Print-on-Demand from Brill

I have just returned from the SNTS 70th annual conference in Amsterdam, where we had lots of good presentations. I might report on them later on. As usual, a number of publishers exhibit their books and even with conference discount, some of the books are extremely expensive for a private person. We have discussed this problem before on this blog (e.g., here, when Royse’s book was offered for $369). The main target group, at least for hardback and e-books from these publishers are institutions and libraries, although they now tend to offer a cheaper paperback at a later point.

At the meeting, I noted that one of the publishers, Brill (based in Leiden), has launched a program called “Brill MyBook,” which gives users with access to a Brill E-book the option to purchase a print-on-demand paperback copy of books of their choice. So, if a student or scholar is affiliated with an institution that has purchased a Brill E-Book on the Brill platform, then they will have access to the MyBook option – they can order a personal copy – for the title acquired by their library. MyBook has a fixed price of €25/$25 per copy. Apparently, this program was launched last year, but I was not aware of it.

More information at brill.com/mybook

Please share your experiences of this program in the comments.


  1. I remember stumbling on this program last year and being disappointed to find that most of the books available were ones I was not particularly interested in. None of the volumes in NTTSD are available, for example. But if they were, I'm sure I would buy them at 25.00.

  2. They are available now. Roth on Marcion; Elliott's Bibliography; Leonard on Codex Schoyen; Smith on Alexandrinus etc. Of course you can get them as a download for free.

  3. Downloading (free) books can be a bit addictive.

    1. So how many hard copy and downloaded books do you own Pete?

    2. Four more than I did a couple of hours ago.
      Gathercole on Gospel of Thomas
      Roth on Marcion
      The DSS Handbook
      Linebaugh on Romans

    3. Your hard drive is probably pretty close to full, in addition to an overful hard copy collection in your office...

    4. And you promised to help me move all the books out of my office!!

    5. I've done so in the past, and will do so again ... after the Ashes?

  4. I've just received my hard copy of Dieter Roth's Text of Marcion's Gospel through this program. Besides a different cover and being paperback, the printing itself is noticeably not as sharp as the hardback. But probably most wouldn't even notice. For €25, I would say it's a great deal.