Thursday, January 30, 2014

What does CBGM actually stand for?

Last Monday, when Peter Head, Peter Gurry, and yours truly were having a good old conversation with the Münster folk deep in the heart of the Institute itself, we were playing around with the CBGM as a universal method for the past and present. I claimed that the true CBGM is practiced at Tyndale House, since a correct interpretation of the abbreviation yields ‘Coffee Based Greek Method’.

Not to be outdone, our German colleagues retorted that the CBGM as the Coherence Based Genealogical Method had already an earlier incarnation in the days of Kurt Aland himself when the approach was pretty much the ‘Cigar Based Genealogical Method’. There are even rumours that the smoke detectors in the strictly non-smoking building were adjusted to tolerate Kurt Aland’s persistent flaunting of the rules. Wonderful!


  1. Dirk, I found a picture of Kurt Aland to illustrate the second possibility.

  2. Replies
    1. Is that short for Kohärenz basierte genealogische Methode; or something else?

  3. Kurt Aland introduced me to his Cigar-based method on the occasion of my first visit to the INTF in 1989.

    Despite the overwhelming smoke and the extremely-strong black coffee served during our conversation, I then and there became determined to return for my extensive research project.

  4. @Peter: KGM? Kartoffenbasierte genealogische Methode?

  5. *Kartoffelnbasierte