Friday, August 30, 2013

British Library 'Guess the Manuscript'

I am not sure if the word 'guess' is used in its proper lexical meaning, or what the reward is for getting it right, but some of us may want to have a go.

Guess the Manuscript VI


  1. Is it Edgerton 2610 (minuscule 700)?

  2. Although the handwriting looks very much like that of MS 700, the page in question (Mk 2:18-23) is typically Byzantine and according to my quick read does not accord with Hoskier's published collation of 700.

    As for MS 484, it could be that (cited in Scrivener's collations of 20 Gospel MSS); but from those same published collations it could equally be 476, 478, 201, 480, 481, 482, or 485.

    The linked clue states, "the manuscript is part of our medieval collections, and can be found somewhere on the Digitised Manuscripts site" -- so perhaps that might help (for those who have the time to look).

    There are a lot of minuscule MSS in the British Library. A few more hints might be useful.

  3. Dr. Robinson,
    I did a quick search through the BL's catalogue and came up with 484 as it was available online.

  4. GA 484 is one of the several Byzantine Kappa-x (Kx) from Cl 74. Written by the well known Byzantine scribe Theodoros Hagiopatrites who wrote several of manuscripts in this cluster these with this one written 1291/92. I have personally examined its sister manuscript (GA 483) at Williams Coll. MA written a few yrs. later by the same scribe. They contain the m6 PA profile in its usual location.

    Paul D. Anderson