Monday, February 27, 2012

The Text of the Lord's Prayer in Marcion's Gospel

My friend Dieter Roth, specialist on the reconstruction of Marcion's Gospel, tells me that his new article on "The Text of the Lord's Prayer in Marcion's Gospel," has been published in ZNW 103 (2012): 47-63.

Although Peter Head surely doesn't remember the papers from the SBL in Atlanta 2010, I remember enjoying Dieter's excellent presentation on this topic very much. We were in the same session, and I remember the other paper on Marcion delivered after my paper and right before Dieter's. This German scholar who first had some major problems getting into his computer because of wrong access code, so he had to borrow mine instead and inserted a UBS stick (it subsequently turned out he had pressed Shifts lock on his computer). Moreover, the presiding Amy Anderson by mistake sent him a note to the effect that he should come the the conclusion (5 mins. left) when there was actually plenty of time left. Well he hurried up, but a little later, as I had pointed out her mistake she quickly scribbled down and passed him another note, 10 mins. left ... and he burst out something like, "She keeps sending me these notes ..." And there was warm laughter.


  1. We need true expert advice on the following story just aired on Fox News in the USA:
    Are these guys really experts?

  2. For commentary on the "Jonah" claim, see the ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) blog.

  3. Other blogs are all over that nonsense, I don't think we have to be that bothered.
    By the way Tommy, speaking of SBL, don't you usually post a reminder of the deadline for submissions?