Friday, April 29, 2011

A New Duke and Duchess in Cambridge

As a testimony to the worldwide reach of the royal wedding, we were able to watch the wedding from Israel on two local channels with live feed and Hebrew commentary.

Everything was stunningly impressive. It appears to be one of those occasions where people will say, 'you had to be there'.

The Bishop of London's sermon was profound and insightful for the coming generation.
The Lord's prayer, textually, preserved English 'trespasses' and kept to the short Matthean form.

One question of protocol as seen from "outside", I noticed that the couple went around to the right of the centerpiece in the aisle while leaving the church, but the carriage properly followed to the left of the traffic circles on the way to the palace.

May the blessings and vows spoken during the ceremonies be fulfilled, for the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and for all the witnesses.


  1. These were all doubles only.
    You want to see the real thing?
    Watch here

    Btw. there always can only be one Kate.
    And that is, of course, KaTe Bush.


  2. As their first royal duty, perhaps the D&D of Cam could be asked to be patrons of the blog?


  3. I would say the reading from Romans had a pretty good impact (picked up in the Times on the following day in several places).
    For the order of service: