Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SBL New Orleans 2009 ETC Blog Dinner

My batteries are reloaded :-). I have just been to the annual ETC blog dinner, and we apparently broke a new record with some 35 participants, the large majority of which are currently involved in TC, including friends from Birmingham and Münster and others that joined in. Unfortunately, we couldn't all sit at the same table, and Peter Head cancelled the speech he had prepared on the napkin in the last minute (with all the annual awards and everything...).

In any case, this dinner was just after the TC section, in which six of us had presented papers, so at least I had that nice feeling of relief - my paper on "Text-types and Criteria for Evaluating Readings in New Testament Textual Criticism" went very well – and enjoyed myself very much for the whole evening.

From the menu I had a Chicken Gumbo, actually I don't remember the full name of it, but it was delicious, and for desert some vanilla ice cream. New Orleans is known for its spicy seafood, and I have had the chance to taste that too. I am very content with the food, except the breakfasts which have not been exactly what I am used to.

When I sum up, this meeting has been terrific, not least for getting the opportunity to meet all friends (and particularly the manuscript geeks out there). Bill Warren and Steven Whately here from New Orleans have been particularly gracious to me in all kinds of ways. In fact, Steven picked me up at the airport way past midnight when I arrived, and will bring me there again tomorrow early in the morning. So the ETC blog award 2009 for brotherly service at least goes to Bill and Steven.

There is so much to blog about from this meeting. As usual I have been crazy enough to take extensive notes of many papers (some I just couldn't keep up with), and this will probably make for another SBL marathon series that will last for a long time (perhaps until the next meeting). I hope my co-bloggers are not turning lazy when they see me at the computer – I hope some of them will contribute on the topic SBL New Orleans 2009 so that we can share with all our readers our experiences during these days.

That's all for now, more to come.


  1. Tommy,

    By all means please let us know where we can find your notes on the meeting.

    Ed Mishoe

  2. I guess most notes will come out on this blog in due time! You just have to be patient.

    My own paper will be published in essay form somewhat modified in the 2nd ed. of The Text of the NT in Contemporary Research, but with less focus on text-types which was the theme for this SBL session.

  3. When's the next edition out? Any date?

  4. Dr. Wasserman, I enjoyed your paper on Monday evening. I wanted to meet up with you and introduce myself, but I had to leave the session early. Thanks again for putting my mosaic quiz on your site!

    Brice Jones

  5. Brice, I regret I couldn't meet you in person. I am glad that you are following our blog. Hope to see you sometime.

  6. Timo, I can't give you any date. That is how it is in this business. You turn in your part, trying to keep the deadline, then just wait. My guess is sometime next autumn, maybe in time for the SBL, but that is just a guess.

  7. I heard there was a 2nd edition of "Text of NT in contemporary research" in the making. Are you able to tell us a rough date when it will be available?

  8. Oh, I just saw that you had already answered the question.

  9. It could only have been Chicken Andouille Gumbo :)

  10. That's the one Ronald, thanks! Did you also have that?

  11. Alligator sausage seems to have been a favourite.

  12. Yes, and some pecan-pie for dessert. Delicious! I think andouille is some kind of sausage.

    I had a great time at the ETC dinner - hopefully we'll get to do it again next year!