Monday, February 23, 2009

Head Reviewed Wasserman

Yesterday I happened to come across a brief review in JSNT 30.5 (2008): 96 of my monograph on Jude written by no other than Peter Head, and, funny enough, I was completely unaware of it. Anyway, the review was positive. Thanks for that Pete!


  1. TW: "the review was positive". What! They must have left out the last paragraph.

  2. Yes, probably, because it was just at the end of the page (p. 96), and the last sentences read: "This is a fine andwelcome addition to the literature on Jude and the textual criticism of the New Testament. Spot checks suggested the collation is extremely accurate (the author lists six pages of corrections to the ECM edition of Jude, published in 2005); the textual commentary is very readable, with an understandable weighting given to
    some particularly difficult decisions"

    And then followed a parenthesis with some differences between my reconstructed text and the ECM, and that was it. All the negative critique was left out. Maybe you can put together a fuller version for Svensk Exegetisk Årsbok ;-)

    BTW, the way you presented the result of those "spot checks" on my dissertation examination, I will never forget. Everytime I think about that long pause you made I smile to myself. That moment of silence helps me understand the word "trauma."