Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bill Warren Joins the ETC Blog

I have the pleasure to introduce Bill Warren as member of this blog.

Bill Warren is Landrum P. Leavell, II, Professor of New Testament and Greek as well as Chair of the New Testament Department at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS), the same seminary where he completed his Th.D. in 1983 under Carlton Winbery, defending a dissertation titled "The Textual Relationships of P4, P45, and P75 in the Gospel of Luke." He has been occupied with teaching and research in the area of textual criticism ever since, and he is currently the director of the Center for New Testament Textual Studies (CNTTS); I hope he will keep us updated on the development of the CNTTS.

Current research projects include:

The CNTTS New Testament Critical Apparatus, an electronic critical apparatus, currently distributed by Accordance Software and soon to be with BibleWorks and Logos Software programs.

The CNTTS NT English-based Textual Apparatus module, now in the initial stages and due to be out by the end of 2008.

A volume on “The Basics of New Testament Textual Criticism” for Zondervan Publishing Co., to complete the Mounce, Wallace series on Greek Studies, Fall 2007


  1. Good news about Bill's book on textual criticism. I have been using Greenlee as an introduction for many years. I would love to have something more up-to-date.

  2. Any bibliographic info on the new book? Zondervan doesn't list it on their website or in their newest catalog.


  3. On the NT TC book, I'll be turning in the copy to Zondervan later this fall, so the actual release date will not be until the spring or thereabouts.


  4. Hello Dr. Warren,

    It's nice to see you join the ETC group.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.
    Minister, Curtisville Christian Church
    Tipton, Indiana (USA)

  5. Looking forward to your book on NT TC, Dr. Warren.

  6. Hi Dr. Warren,

    Will your TC book include worksheet suggestions (like Black does) or will you have a substantial workbook like Mounce does for his Grammar book? Several years ago I developed worksheets for TC that follow the basic steps outlined in Greenlee. These worksheets forced my students to think through all the necessary steps as they completed their textual criticism assignments. A key worksheet I made was the mss distribution which when completed allows the student to see the mss evidence for each reading on one page. It graphically displays both age and Aland text type category, along with versions and fathers. As far as I know, there has never been a TC book published that also has these kind of worksheets in a student workbook. If your text includes a workbook, I will for sure be thrilled to see it.


  7. Darrell, there will be a CD with the book with exercises of various types and will include several types of worksheets/charts for helping students in the practice of analyzing the variants as well as reading the manuscripts.