Thursday, May 17, 2007

Scholars tussle over end of Mark's Gospel

In Baptist Press (online magazine), Jason Hall posted a report on May 16, from the recent symposium at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on the ending of Mark. Participants in the symposium included Darrell Bock, Dan Wallace, J. K. Elliot, David Alan Black and our co-blogger Maurice Robinson. Read the whole report here.


  1. Previous colloquia of this sort at Southeastern have gotten published as books by Baker, like Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism, and Rethinking the Synoptic Gospels. Does anyone (i.e. Dr. Robinson) know if this one will be also?

  2. The last paragraph of the article says they will be published:
    "Ray Clendenen, publisher of B&H Academic with LifeWay Christian Resources, was in attendance at the April 13-14 symposium and noted that B&H plans to release the collected addresses from the conference in an edited volume."


  3. That's great news....
    and a great reminder to read carefully before I ask questions.
    Thanks, James.

  4. For the textual critics among us, there is a scribal error in the report involving the misspelling "Iranaeus".

  5. I like the work that Metzger and Ehrman have done on explaining this text. I long for the day it is resolved; maybe by the discovery of another text that is even older.

  6. I'm shocked. He's alive! What must I now do to be saved?

    Besides, the content of vss 9-20 is self-condemnatory.