Monday, March 26, 2007

Leipzig brochure on Sinaiticus

I noticed in the journal of Leipzig University (vol 1., 2007, p. 17—don't normally read it but Rob Price passed on a copy) that they have produced a 48-page 'richly illustrated brochure' (reich bebilderte Broschüre) on the Sinaiticus material in Leipzig. Sells for 7 Euros in cash on the spot, or 9.80 Euros from the University press.

Mine arrived from in the mail pretty quickly. Some nice pictures:
Sinaiticus photos include:
Numbers 20.3-26 (Sinai, New Finds MS 1)
Genesis 23.19-24.14 (St Petersburg, MS gr 259 fol. 1)
Jeremiah 23.38-26.8 (Leipzig, MS gr 1, fol. 26v, 27r) [also on covers partly obscured]
John 21 [London, BL, Add MS 43725 fol. 260r]

Other Leipzig texts:
Psalms (P. Lips Inv. 39V; IVth Cent)
Mark in Coptic [P. Lips Inv. 323V]
Illiad [P. Lips Inv. 1161; IVth Cent]
Gospels [UB Leipzig Cod. gr. 6]
Syriac-Arabic Gospel book


  1. By size, this is more of a small monograph. The content is that of a brochure. It has a number of nice pictures interacting with the history of the codex as well as the codex itself. My favorite part is that which details handwriting samples from papyri used in dating Sinaiticus. This is a good resource for building a lecture on Sinaiticus, and, for those with weak German skills, is easy to read.

  2. Wow, Peter. That's impressive: pseudepigraphy on the blog! This is the second thing today I've managed to 'write' without lifting a finger. The other one was a press release for Tyndale House!

  3. Most of the German booklet is simply a translation of the English In a Monastery Library by Scot McKendrick. A few pages (32-36) are an original German contribution commenting on some of the other treasures kept by the Leipzig library . The corresponding English section does something similar for the British Library. It is this specific Leipzig section with its pictures that makes the booklet interesting for those who do not have the English version.