Monday, March 06, 2006

Enoch Question

Rod Decker asks:
I just ran across something that might be an interesting blog query/post. At there is a ad for a $30, tri-lingual edition of Enoch: Greek, English, and Russian. The English translation is just a repro of RHCharles, but the Greek text includes a complete collation (it claims) of Codex Panopolitanus. It's done as a critical apparatus with notes for (apparently?) all variants in Panopolitanus from the main text. It's done by a Tigran Aivazian and lists as publisher. I know nothing of the author or the organization. There are sample pages posted in pdf, but no info as to the Greek text, etc. The Greek text appears to be fairly close to that published by M. Black, though it has no punctuation other than verse breaks and no capitalization. I noted one v.l. (from Black) in the first few verses. It also appears that is a "web-vanity" publisher. I'd be curious to know if this is a credible publication or if it has any particular value.
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Rodney J. Decker, Th.D.


  1. I know that the name mentioned in the post is associated with

    My simple and completely uninformed guess is that the text originates from the Online Critical Pseudepigrapha project, and that he has done some extra work (not sure what nature that work would be) on that text, and combined it at the verse/paragraph level with other editions he's found on the web.

  2. er, forgot to sign that comment. Sorry.

    Rick Brannan

  3. also advertises Ivan Panin—not the most judicious biblical critic.

  4. I think the same person offered Codex Vaticanus in color facsimile a while ago, but that the edition was later withdrawn...

    Perhaps someone had the chance to order it...

  5. Tigran Aivazian is as Armenian a name as one can have. It appears from his page at that he is one busy Bible editor, with his name on editions in Russian, Greek, Armenian, Spanish, French, Swedish, Bulgarian, English, Dutch, and Ukrainian.

  6. The Greek text does not appear to be from the text I'm editing at OCP.

  7. Hi,

    Instead of making various "simple and completely uninformed" :) guesses about my edition of Enoch text --- why not ask me directly?

    The answer is --- No, the text is not from the Online Critical Pseudepigrapha project
    (I see Ken Penner already mentioned it).
    If it was from that

    The text is a new independent edition based on the research of some of my students and myself.

    However, right now the whole site is undergroing reconstruction (and also I am away on holiday for a few months for health reasons) so all my editions (both Bible and non-Bible) are temporarily unavailable, as they all need some revision/updating.

    Please email any questions to

    Kind regards

  8. Oops, someone phoned me and I forgot to finish the sentence :)

    I was saying --- if it was from that project then I would have certainly acknowledged the source in the Introduction.

    The text was based on the Swete's edition as published by Cambridge about a hundred years ago. The variants are from both that edition and various other sources.

    Kind regards

  9. Dear Tigran,
    Thanks for informing us.