Sunday, November 20, 2011

ETC Dinner Monday at 7pm

Just to confirm that I have been over to Sam's Grill and booked a table/room/set of booths will walls removed for 20 of us for Monday night starting at 7pm (Tommy and Pete W will hopefully be over once their meeting has finished). The address is 374 Bush Street, San Francisco (obviously). All are welcome (up to 20 anyway). Hopefully we shall have some semi-official reflections on the blog over the past year. ... (if anyone wants to offer such reflections let me know in the comments).

Judging by the comments to the previous post the following people are definitely coming:
Peter Head
Jan Krans (+1)
Martin Heide
Tommy W (l)
Pete W (l)
Dieter Roth
Peter Rodgers
Bob Relyea
Edgar Ebojo
Peter Gurry
Chuck Hill
Eric Rowe

So that is fourteen. If more than six people say they want to come (in the comments) I'll get back to Sam to see about a larger room.


Brice Jones said...

Count me in!

Peter M. Head said...


Jessie Sunday Delfin said...

I will come too.

Tommy Wasserman said...

Troy Griffits told me he would join us.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'll be there to keep all you radicals in check,
Dirk Jongkind

Daniel Buck said...

And while you are discussing the last corrector to Vaticanus, don't forget to eat a few apricots without the chocolate overcoating.

Daniel Buck said...

The appropriate percentage of non-chocolate-covered apricots evades me at the moment.

Stephen C. Carlson said...

Count me in too!

Tommy Wasserman said...

DB: "The appropriate percentage of non-chocolate-covered apricots evades me at the moment."

Maybe you should ask David Parker. After all, he is the Cadbury Professor of Theology.

Peter Gurry said...

Sorry I couldn't make it gentlemen. Maybe next year.