Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day in Honour of Larry Hurtado in Edinburgh

The new director of Centre for the Study of Christian Origins at the School of Divinity (Edinburgh University), Dr. Helen Bond, announces a day in honour of the former director and head of the School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Larry Hurtado, whom most of our readers will be familiar with:

We have a few ideas for the coming year, but I’d like to announce only one at the moment – a day in honour of Prof Larry W. Hurtado on 7th October 2011, 10am – 4 pm. We’ve invited a distinguished list of speakers – Profs Richard Bauckham, Tommy Wasserman and Thomas Kraus – all of whom will engage with Larry’s work in the areas of early high Christology, text criticism and early Christian manuscripts. Its likely to be a lively and engaging discussion, and we might even let Larry offer some kind of a response . . . As always, all are welcome. More details to follow.

I very much look forward to come to Edinburgh and participate in this event. It was with this occassion in mind, I also suggested to Alban and Eisenbrauns to run a special sale on some of Larry's books (see previous post).

Read about my previous visit to the School of Divinity, Edinburgh here.

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