Friday, November 26, 2010

ETC Dinner at SBL Atlanta

We had a great dinner on the Monday evening. Christian Askeland had organised our own room at the local Hard Rock Cafe so we had a great space and enjoyed good food and fellowship and varied discussion around the table. Here are some pictures. Names can be provided in the comments if you wish (Eric!).


W. Andrew Smith said...

The dinner and fellowship were very nice (although there was way too much food for me!)--you all were very welcoming and inclusive, which was greatly appreciated. Thanks for making that a wonderful evening!

Christian Askeland said...

This was wonderful. I had some wonderful conversations which were very helpful in understanding the progress on several key institutions (National Bible Museum, TC at New Orleans Baptist). I also met Eric Rowe for the first time, and enjoyed learning more about his work on early Christian nomenclature. Perhaps, he could do a guest post on his research after he defends.

Eric Rowe said...

That is I sitting at the big table between Christian and P.J.

+1 on the sentiments about it being a great time.

Anonymous said...

So, the Hard Rock Fellowship consisted of
Head at the far end / head (hence on the ground in the other photo),
Carlson(?) holding the middle ground on the left wing,

(Lector aliquis)