Wednesday, September 22, 2010

News from the Virtual Manuscript Room (Münster)

In this post we informed our readers about a new uncial MS of John. Maurice Robinson, in particular, suspected that this was in fact a lectionary (see comment section). This is confirmed by Ulrich Schmid of the INTF who has today posted a note on this manuscript in the Virtual Manuscript Room (Münster).
In other words, the two folios in all likelihood once belonged to a 9th century Gospel lectionary and will be counted among the lectionaries in the GA-Liste. Incidentally, when browsing the known uncial lectionaries and continuous text manuscripts from the 9th century, one encounters only one continuous text manuscript with the same layout (2 cols, 24 lines) and similar provenance ("palestino-sinaïtique"), i.e. 021, but at least six lectionaries, i.e. l 178, l 511, l 808, l 1082, l 2234, l 2413. In my view, this is additional circumstantial evidence that the two folios published by Chétanian / Stone may have belonged to a distinguishable group of lectionaries from the 9th century. Despite clear similarities with the mentioned lectionaries, the two folios do not belong to any of them. Hence, they represent another Greek Gospel uncial lectionary counted as l 2450 in the GA-Liste.

There are many other interesting recent notes added recently in the VMR, many of which concern which GA numbers to delete in the Kurzgefasste Liste. More on the VMR soon.

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