Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Conference in Uppsala: "Faces of Apocalyptics"

This year's "Exegetiska Dagen" ("The Exegetical Day") in Sweden will take place at Uppsala University on 21 September. The theme is "Faces of Apocalyptics" featuring the following speakers:


Professor John Collins, Yale University "Apocalypse and Empire. Apocalyptic Literature as Resistance Literature"

Docent Cecilia Wassen, Uppsala "End Time Temples in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Competing Visions of the Eschaton"

Professor Adela Collins , Yale University "The reception of Paul's apocalyptic eschatology in the (pseudonymous) letter to the Colossians"


Business meeting (Svenska Exegetiska Sällskapet)


The conference is open and free of charge, except for the evening dinner where reservation is necessary, and the business meeting is for members only.

The main papers are usually published as articles in Svensk Exegetisk Årsbok. In the next issue of the journal I have a piece on Greek New Testament MSS in Sweden including some nice plates (unfortunately not in color).


Anonymous said...

Is this conference going to be conducted in Hebrew, Greek, English--or a combination of the above?

Tommy Wasserman said...

In English with a few references to ancient languages. After all, Randall Buth is not one of the spekars :-)

Benjamin Reynolds said...

I am curious as to how 'Apocalyptics' is being used in the title of the Conference. If it is being used as a noun in contrast to an adjective, as it appears to be, what is the referent: Apocalypses, authors of apocalyptic literature, content of apocalypses, etc.? Thanks, BER

Tobias H said...

It's Swenglish for 'Apocalypticism'.

Benjamin Reynolds said...