Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How the New Testament Came Together

Just to announce a new 28 page booklet which I hope some readers may find useful: Peter Head, How the New Testament Came Together (Cambridge: Grove, 2009).
The blurb: How did twenty-seven ancient Christian documents come together as the New Testament? How were they recognised, read and bound together as one half of the Christian Bible? Beginning with Jesus and the documents which arose from the apostolic testimony to him in the first century, this booklet traces how Paul’s letters and the four gospels came to be grouped together and how the basic shape and contents of the New Testament emerged by the end of the second century.

It can be ordered (as a book or an e-book) from Grove Books (£3.50).

The aim in writing it was to offer something relatively readable on the history of 'how the NT came together' (i.e. NT canon formation but without using or defining 'canonical' or offering a theological analysis of the history). It is meant to be "popular" in level - to address issues of concern for thoughtful Christians without a theological education and busy clergy who might read a booklet but wouldn't wade through something like Metzger on the subject.

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