Thursday, April 02, 2009

Freebies Online

Via Estudios Biblicos: Sage Journals Online including journals such as JSOT and JSNT offers free access to 30 April. Register here.

Via Nick Norelli (Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth): In the Edinburgh Research Archive you can access some publications of noted scholars at the university including Larry Hurtado, here. There is, for example, his study on the Nomina Sacra in P52. The linked list also includes theses that Hurtado supervised. Some, like that of Chris Keith, however, may have a temporal embargo. (Keith's monograph, btw, is coming out in the NTTSD series on Brill very soon.)

I also want to note EThOS, a service from the British Library providing access to British theses online. I have ordered several with significance to textual criticism. In my experience, it is often important not only to read a subsequently published monograph, but also the dissertation, which can include significantly more material. For example, I look forward to reading co-blogger Amy Anderson's thesis on Family 1 in Matthew.

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