Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zohrab's Armenian Bible

I hear from Tigran Aivazian that Zohrab's 1805 edition of the Classical Armenian Bible has now republished, at an amazingly cheap price for the amount of information provided:


The Zohrab/Zohrabean edition is the only edition of the whole Classical Armenian Bible and this reissuing obviously represents a huge amount of work. I'm glad to know that the size of font has been enlarged.


  1. Any insight into what the "Rest of John" listed in the additions is? Something already known, or something that can only be found in Zohrab?

  2. This apocryphal book is called in Armenian "Հանգիստ Յովհաննու" or more fully "Հանգիստ Սրբոյն Յովհաննու առաքելոյ և աւետարանչի". Translated literally it means "Rest (as in "Repose" and NOT as in "Remainder"!) of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John". I am not aware of any non-Armenian sources of this ancient text. It should also be present (but I haven't checked) in Hovsepyants' Vol2 Ankanon girk nor ktakaranac. Venice 1898.

    Btw, the 3rd volume of our Zohrab Bible also includes (as an Appendix) 1832 edition of "A Grammar Armenian and English" by P. Aucher and Lord Byron which is sold (e.g. on abebooks.co.uk) for £300.

  3. Good news --- the 1-volume edition is now available. It is 4 times cheaper than the 3-volume set and the shipping charge is obviously also lower. But the font size of the text was NOT significantly reduced. Instead, the page surface was increased to A4 and two-column typesetting was used. Any questions are welcome => tigran at bibles.org.uk