Monday, June 30, 2008

Book and Manuscripts Conservation Studio on Patmos

One may think that time, in some regards, has stood still in those monasteries where so many Greek New Testament MSS are kept. However, this situation is rapidly changing at many places including Sinai, Athos and Patmos. For example, there is now a books and manuscripts conservation studio in St John Theologican Monastery on Patmos in Greece, working to preserve the MSS. Activities include digitization and disinfestations projects. Since 2006 the studio organizes a summer workshop related to the conservation and research on Byzantine book binding. So if you don't know what to do in September, go to Patmos one week and get a practical introduction to Byzantine binding (I should mention some previous experience is required).

Read more and look at images of the library, the conservation studio, and the summer workshop here.


  1. How do we get this 'previous experience'?

  2. Good question. I suppose the main target group are folks working in conservations studios, etc. On this page with useful information:

    Concerning application it says: "The applicant must state the course/s he/she is interested in attending as well as a short biography, showing relevant experience with the subjects of the courses."

    and under heading "What to bring":

    "Basic bookbinding tools. Most tools can be provided by the course but you may feel more comfortable with your own. (relevant to the practical workshops)"

    If one is interested, the best thing is probably to e-mail further questions to