Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Contents to TC 13 (2008)

I have noticed that two new articles have been added to the electronic journal, TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism 13 (2008). Peter A. L. Hill, Matthew 16:18 in the Philoxenian Version Abstract: "Little remains of the Philoxenian Syriac version, whose chief witness is the scripture quotations found in the later writings of Philoxenus. The author investigates one of these quotations, which is found in two different works of Philoxenus, comparing it to Greek and Diatessaronic witnesses, among others, and commenting on the meaning of the verse for the translator." Gerald Donker, Athanasius's Contribution to the Alexandrian Textual Tradition of the Pauline Epistles: An Initial Exploration Abstract: "The writings of Athanasius are important fourth century witnesses to the Alexandrian text. The author compares citations, adaptations, and allusions to Pauline passages in Athanasius's writings with the text found in important primary and secondary Alexandrian manuscripts."


  1. Gerald Donker's paper was presented at SBL last year, see here:

  2. My SBL paper on Mark in Codex Sinaiticus has also been accepted for publication in TC (not sure when).

  3. My review of the volume on the Freer Manuscripts (ed. Hurtado) was sent in a year ago soon, but has not appeared yet. I sent a mail to the editor J. Adair in January, who replied that his plan was to have it published "by the end of this month." Hmm...