Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NT MSS in Albania, photographed by CSNTM

A few more details about some of the 47 NT mss photographed by the CSNTM team in Albania are available in a document circulated by Dan Wallace - 'Greek New Testament Manuscripts Discovered in Albania' (which will presumably be available on the CSNTM web-site). All 47 were listed in the catalogue of the National Archive in Tirana, although the Kurzgefasste Liste lists only 13 mss, with 17 others as possibly in the National Archive (originally in separate locations in Albania). So far none of these 17 have been absolutely confirmed, nine are considered probable matches.
Of the manuscripts photographed only a few details have been provided so far:

  • Codex Beratinus (043), a purple codex (Matt & Mark; VI).
  • Codex 1143, a purple codex, gospels, IX.
  • Codex 1709, early member of family 13, XII.
  • Albanian National Archive (ANA) 15, XI-XII; four gospels (lacks pericope adulterae, except for later addition).
  • ANA 92, XIII-XIV; lacks pericope adulterae.
  • ANA 85, XIV; pericope adulterae at the end of the four gospels.
  • ANA 4; pericope adulterae at the end of the four gospels (but different scribe); "quite a few family 13 readings, although it does not appear to be strictly family 13 in its nature".

So, congratulations to the CSNTM for managing to photograph all this material, we look forward to images on the web-site (hopefully), and to some fuller analysis of the new material.


  1. Yes, hopefully, and congratulations!


  2. You may be interested in this article by Dan Wallace on the manuscripts:

  3. Peter, I always enjoy your insights and comments. Last week I gave a paper at our regional SBL on one of the Albanian manuscripts that is indeed Family 13. It can be downloaded from this site:

    ms 1709 is also F13 in St. John's Gospel. We've transcribed all 14 of the usual suspects (mss) and run them through Peter Robinson's COLLATE. So now all that remains is to finish the dissertation.


    Jac Perrin

  4. Jac,
    That's cute how you have 'added' and omitted' in Gk letters in your apparatus.