Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TC volume going mega-cheaply

D. G. K. Taylor, ed. Studies in the Early Text of the Gospels and Acts. Texts and Studies, third series, vol. 1. Birmingham, U.K.: University of Birmingham Press, 1999. Pp. xiii + 283. Normally: GBP £18.99/ US $55.00. ISBN: 1-902459-03-2.

For those interested this volume is now on sale from Continuum for only £5.

A review of the book can be found here.

To order:
Web - Continuum
Phone - (UK) 01202 665432


P J Williams said...

Thanks Mike. Mine's ordered now.

Peter Gurry said...

Their North American site has it listed for $0.00! I just placed an order so we'll see if it goes through. Maybe they'll honor the glitch.

P J Williams said...

Why are books always cheaper in North America?

Peter Gurry said...

The glitch has now been fixed and unfortunately, they're not honoring the mistake. It was worth a try.